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Frequently Asked Questions about our Credit Restoration Services

Q - How is Credit Coaching, Credit Education and Credit Repair different from just Credit Repair?

A - Most, if not all, credit repair companies and credit restoration services focus only on cleaning up the negative items. Our Credit Coaching, Credit Education and Credit Repair Program not helps you clean up those items but we assist you in the long term goal of rebuilding your score and overall credit profile and FICO score.  Utilizing all three will give you the best chance of success to fix your credit rating.

Q - How much will you increase my credit

A - As of the last quarter of 2011, our company average is over 83 points within six months, with some clients realizing an increase in excess of 250 points. The exact amount we are able to raise your score is dependent on both your ability and capacity to follow the coaching advice we give.   Please remember that results will vary based on each individual situation.

Q - Why is having an excellent credit score so important?

A - Credit is no longer just for obtaining a new loan. Now, employment, insurance rates, checking accounts and more are affected by poor and even average credit. This reality can cost you thousands of dollars extra per year.

Q - What items can you remove from my credit report?

A - Debts that cannot be properly verified or are not accurate which can include: Bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, late payments, judgments, tax liens, student loans, incorrect addresses, inquiries, identity theft and more.  Thus is just one of the ways to repair my credit score and fix your credit rating.

Q - What items can’t you remove?

A - Anything that is 100% accurate and verifiable.  We guarntee that we will remove 25% of the negative items on your report or we will refund your money.  We have clients that have had 100% of their items removed and obviously results will vary.  The goal is to fix your credit rating and that is why this is not the only piece of the puzzle to focus on.  If you are wanting help to "repair my credit score" our full approach will give you the solution you are looking for.

Q - Will the removed items ever come back?

A - No, as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal or it is a collection account older than four years.

Q - Why can results differ?

A - No two credit reports are the same, the approach and action plan will vary from client to client.  We use the consumer protection laws to their fullest on your behalf. Sometimes credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies provide all the law requires and sometimes they simply do not. We are completely thorough in enforcing your rights and are able to find a reason to remove a negative item from your credit report. 

Q - How do I get started with your Credit Restoration Service?

A - The first step in our process is a FREE, no obligation, credit consultation. One complete, we will discover if you qualify for the program and if this program is a match for your current situation.

Q - How does your credit restoration service fix my credit rating and repair my credit score?

A - First we will go through your credit and validate the debts that you have.  In some instances we may negotiate a settlement for deletion which will help fix your credit rating.  There are dozens of approaches we can take with hundreds of possibilities and they all begin with your unique situation, the goal is always to fix your credit rating.  If your question is, how do you repair my credit score, call us and we will give you a free consultation and tell you exactly what we would do for you.