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"I am writing to convey my sincere Thanks to everyone at Cambridge Credit Consultants for their efforts many times over in assisting me fix credit and raise my credit score.  Marty and his team have corrected, repaired, and paid off accounts working toward building a stronger financial future.  I feel Cambridge is the Best Credit Repair Company and I could not be happier. In this world at this time, we all have to pay MORE attention to these things that we used to just feel would all work out.. The fact is, we are so busy in our daily lives that we need professional help from those who know the CORRECT way to make things better in our financial world.  Again Thanks to everyone at Cambridge for their PROFFESSIONAL way in working with us and our financial needs.  I have referred several of my family and friends to Cambridge to fix credit and  credit enhancement."-Frederick B.

“Martin was able to repair my credit in a reasonable amount of time so that I could get the loan I needed. Trust is very important to me I did not have any problem trusting him. He did everything according to plan. Thank you Mr. Mills.” -Stacy P.

"Working with Cambridge Credit Consultants was great.  They took their time and explained everything to me every step of the way to improve my credit scores and fix my credit.  Sometimes I did not understand things that was going on and they took the time to walk me through everything and were very patient with me.  I can actually say that they held my hand all the way throughout this process.  Whenever I called and left a message they always got back to me within 24 hours.  Everyone was very helpful and professional.  After working with Cambridge Credit Consultants I now have a better understanding as to how to stay on top of things to keep my credit scores up, along with understanding credit reporting better.  It was great working with Cambridge and I would refer anyone to them that needs assistance with getting their credit together, they are the best.  Thank you for everything"  -Annette M.

"Thank you to everyone for helping me get approved for my first home.  When I first applied for my mortgage I was devastated to learn my score was only 519 points.  With your help I was able to raise my FICO score to 650 in just 60 days.  Little did I know with the right instruction and due diligence just how much I could improve my credit score." -Robert D.

"I have several clients working with Cambridge, and just had one couple "graduate" from Cambridge.  The wife had a score of 574 on March 3 and today (May 3) it is over 650 thanks to Marty and his team at Cambridge Credit Consultants.  These folks are coming in this week to get pre-approved and will own a home in the next month or two!" -Dave S.

"Dear Cambridge Credit Consultants.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for all the work you did for me and family.  I never thought I would have owned a new home.  But thanks to you I will be soon.  You guys did a great job on my credit.  I would be glad to tell my friends and family about your line or work.  You guys also did it fast and now I should have my new home before summer ends.  And again thank you so much."  - Maria T.

"Cambridge Credit Consultants were able to provide a consistent picture of my finances to the various credit agencies.  I had one unsecured loan that actually showed up differently at each credit agency.  Less than three months after hiring Cambridge Credit Consultants my credit score improved over 50 points." - Don L.  

 "Being in the lending business where credit is the main ingredient in decision making a good score is imperative.  Within 30 days we were able to move from a 614 (not approvable for lending) to a 660 (approved with a good rate).  The average person either doesn't know what is on their credit report much less how to fix it.  Cambridge took a negative to a positive and enabled a renter to be a home owner!"  - Jean B.

 “Cambridge Credit Consultants has been a great organization to work with. In a very short time they helped me repair my credit rating based on inaccuracies within my profile, and they offered expert advice on how best to improve my rating using some simple steps. Their work enabled me to get a mortgage within 3 weeks after restoring my credit score to the acceptable levels required by the bank.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their credit.”    - Paul D.

"I signed up with Cambridge Credit Consultants a few months ago, I was ready to get my credit back on track. I've been working with Jason and I can honestly say he's been a godsend to me. He explained the process to me and he was always there to answer any questions that came up that I had. After about a month in the program, my credit score improved faster than I ever expected it to. It's been a little over four months that I've been in the program and I'm happy to say that I'm about to close on my first home. Cambridge Credit Consultants is worth every penny that I pay and then some, because I'm now a homeowner thanks to Jason and the Cambridge Credit Consultants team. If it weren't for you, my dream wouldn't be coming true at this point and time. Thanks so much for all that you've done, may God bless each and every one of you." - Webster M.

 "We were extremely pleased with the swiftness of corrections to our credit report!  We were able to obtain a mortgage on our residence within two months.  This is an effective group to work with to get to the bottom of errors on a credit report.  Thank you so much Cambridge for all of your help with our credit!"  - Kathy & Bill K.

"Dozens of my clients have been worked with Cambridge Credit Consultants and had fantastic results.  Cambridge is the best credit repair company that I have ever worked with.  Their attention to detail and the clients needs are second to none.  Before Cambridge I had to help my clients fix credit on their own, there was no one I could trust my cleints with.  Now they help all my clients who have credit needs.  Thanks again for all your assistance."  Matthew J