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How does honest, legal, moral and ethical credit repair work?

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How do I protect myself from Identity Theft?

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Check out the state of the art and secure technology we use to raise credit scores.

What's a Credit Report?

Learn what is, and what is not, included in a credit report.

Our Certified Credit Consultants will teach you how to repair credit.  Our Credit Help Services can help raise your credit score in as little as 30 days. 

Here at Cambridge Credit Consultants, we help you raise your Credit Score by combining Credit Coaching, Credit Education, Credit Repair and Restoration in our Credit Help Services.

Credit Help Service

Credit Coaching - Your Credit Coach will review your credit and together you will come up with a credit action plan based on your goals and current credit situation. During the credit improvement process, your Credit Coach will monitor your progress and advise you on the next steps to take.  Our coaches are all Certified Credit Specialists and you have unlimited access to them. You, like your credit, are unique. Your Credit Coach will help you determine what is best FOR YOU.  Many companies give you advice based on the masses. 

Credit Education- GET EMPOWERED!  We will empower you by revealing the top industry secrets what will help you manage your credit and help you potentially save thousands of dollars per year.  What is a credit score and how does it work, we will enlighten you. How does your credit score affect you in ways beyond getting approved for loans?  Budgeting, we will give you all the tools necessary to create and maintain a healthy budget. Rent vs Own, Lease vs Purchase, we give you the tools to make informed decisions. 

Credit Repair and Credit Restoration - Free Initial Consultation - Find out if you qualify, not all do. Debt Validation, Debt Disputing, Personal information updates, Advanced Methods of Verification, HIPAA violations removed and over 25 advanced Credit Repair techniques used to maximize your results.

Guideance - We will guide you through our complete process with a credit expert who is always just a phone call or email away.  Whether recovering from personal bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections, late payments or high interest credit card debt, our program will map your steps to credit releif.  

Credit Help Services or Credit Repair can help most people but many are afraid of bad credit repair.  We are Credit Experts and will walk you through the process of raising your credit scores properly. 

Still have questions?  Visit our FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page which contains some of the most commonly asked questions by past clients.