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As a Credit Expert we are your best credit repair options.  Our credit repair service utilizes Credit Coaching, Credit Education and Credit Repair.  Cambridge Credit Consultants understands the complexities of credit scoring.  As a Credit Consultant and Credit Expert we bring you our "three prong approach" which utilizes Credit Coaching and Credit Education in addition to our Credit Repair Service and Credit Restoration.  It is this approach that makes us your Best Credit Repair Company option and we will help you realize the higher credit score you deserve.

We are fully certified and trained by Edward Jamison, Esq. and Credit CRM.  Mr. Jamison is the nation's foremost credit attorney and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal,, Broker Banker, Mortgage Press and more.  He has been interviewed as a credit expert for NBC and CBA affiliates and is the attorney of choice for contacts at many national lenders and associations. 

With our Credit CRM affiliation we have full access to Mr. Jamison to answer questions on your behalf.  Through this affiliation we also have access to John Ulzheimer who is publicly the most well known credit expert and is seen on CNBC and other national broadcasts as a credit and credit scoring expert.  You may have also heard of John or read one of his articles on or  When you work with Cambridge Credit Consultants you are working with the absolute best, most knowledgeable and most effective credit repair company in the credit repair business.

Additionally we have weekly continuing education calls with Michael Citron who is an internationally known public speaker and author.  Michael has authored numerous articles on credit repair, loan modifications, short sales and credit scoring.  His recently published book "The Art of teh Short Sale" has instantly become a favorite for many of the nation's premier real estate experts.  Michael is a recognized authority in the financial services industry, he consults and trains individuals and groups on a variety of topics including, credit scoring, credit law, credit repair, loan modifications, short sales, and debt negotiations.

FICO SpecialistCertified FICO Professional

The FICO Professional Certification is a unique program designed to gain further understanding of FICO scores, Credit Score Cards, and highlights key differentiators and resulting benefits in predictive value.  Very few Credit Experts have received this certification which is further proof of the commitment we have at Cambridge Credit Consultants to give you the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

We Guarantee Your Success

When you have completed your time with us, you will be armed with a higher credit score and an understanding of credit that will better prepare you for the future.  Leave your negative credit rating behind for good.  Having a good credit rating is an asset that can save you tens of thousands of dollars or more over a lifetime.  It is yours to have with guidance from the credit experts at Cambridge Credit Consultants.  Follow the link for a copy of our 100% Money Bank Guarantee.