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Do you know what other Credit Repair Companies want you to know?  You now only have to pay for the items that are deleted from your credit report with no monthly contracts.  This is the Best Credit Repair Service, a program for everyone. 

Cambridge Credit Consultants is excited to offer our Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Program.  As a Credit Expert, we realize the importance of credit and we have a way to guarantee your success.  This revolutionary new program is  a win-win for everyone.  You no longer have to pay until items are deleted or corrected from your credit report.

With your credit history and credit score spilling into so many area of our lives, it is becoming imperative to have good or even excellent credit.  The challenge is most people who have struggled with credit do not have money to waste.  Consumers have been ripped off by bad credit repair companies, this has given Credit Repair Companies a bad name.  So how can you tell the good from the bad?  Our Pay Per Deletion Program alleviates those concerns by only charging you after you see your results!  The Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Service is the Best Credit Repair Option for several reason, most importantly is that you only pay for results.

Here is a sample of the items you can include in your Pay Per Deletion Program:

Collection and Charged off accounts - Did you know that 35% of your credit score comes from your payment history?  Removing as many negative items as possible is imperative in raising your credit score.

Late Payments - Did you know that in some instances a creditor will offer you a courtesy removal?  We know how to get that done for you.

Inquiries - Have an inquiry on your credit report that you don't recall authorizing?  Let us help you remove that.

Debt Settlement - Most companies will charge you 15% or more to settle your debts, we only charge 5% to help you settle your debts.  Settling is not always required to improve your credit score but it is one of the stratagies available.

Public Records - Bankruptcy, Judgments and Tax Liens, did you know that in some instances you can enter into a payment plan on a tax lien and have it removed from your credit?

To make it even easier for you we will give you your first deletion for FREE!  So not only do you not pay for the deleted items until they are removed from your credit but we will give you your first deletion for free.  With pricing starting out at $20 per deletion, how can you afford not to?

The Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair Service is the Best Credit Repair Option for several reasons.  The first is you have no risk; you do not pay unless we perform.  The second is you have no large set up costs, we only collect a small deposit ($50) and if we have no success we refund 100% of your deposit. 

Call 1-877-497-2673 today for a FREE consultation with one of our Credit Experts to see if the program is right for you.

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